The singers's death

Michael Jackson King of Pop died Thursday June 25 as he prepared for a comeback bid to conquer nightmare years of sexual scandal and financial calamity. He was only 50 yeras old. He died at UCLA Medical Center after being stricken at his rented home in Holmby Hills. Paramedics tried to resuscitate him at his home for nearly 3 quarters of an hour then rushed to the hospital where the doctors continued to work on him. It is believed that he suffered cardiac arrest in his home. However, L.A. Police chief said his department was looking into Michael's prescription drug history, the doctors that he's dealth with over the years.

Investigators have apparently zeroed in on a powerful sedative Diprivan discovered at Michael Jackson's rented mansion after his death. The drug is commonly used to induce unconsciousness in hospital patients ahead of major surgery and experts say it should only be administered by a trained anesthesiologist. Arnold Klein told CNN that he had been aware the singer had used the drug in the past. . "i knew at one point he was using Diprivan when he was on tour in Germany" he said". Klein said he treated Jackson 3 days before his mysterious death, suggested that any doctor found to have supplied the singer with drugs should be prosecuted.

Ending several weeks of frantic speculation following Michael Jackson's sudden death in Los Angeles on June 25, the country coroner's office issued a brief statement ruling that the King of Pop's death was unlawful. The statement said that while acute intoxication from the powerful anesthetic propofol was the primary cause of death, he had also suffered from the effects of other drugs in his system. The Jackson family welcomed the findings. The family again wishes to commend the actions of the coroner, The LAPD and other law enforcement agencies and looks forward to the day that justice can be served.

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